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How to choose your Wedding Photographer!

Updated: Feb 3

Choosing your Wedding Photographer is an important decision, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. The photos from your big day are the only lasting memories you’ll have that you’re able to look over time and time again, so getting it right is key. There are a few tips to think about when looking for your perfect wedding photographer..........

1. Their Work

First of all decide what your style is, what do you like. You can look at loads of photographers but it is important you find a photography style that matches what you want and how you want your photos to look. Start by making a list of the photographers you have found that match your style, traditional, creative or relaxed.

I shoot weddings with a mixture of candid/documentary style, shooting the day as it happens whilst capturing the emotion of your guests and with lots of fun, but not cheesy photos with you and your partner. My main objective of the day is to make sure you and your guests are relaxed and having fun which shows in your images from your day.

2. Experience

They may have been taking photos for years, but how long have they been shooting weddings? It may not necessarily be a negative if they have only shot a few but going with someone with a bit more experience of what happens on the day is always beneficial.

Having shot more than 50 solo weddings as well as acting as a second shooter throughout the years I feel I have lots of experience of Weddings and what to expect from your day, even the unexpected, so I know where to be at the right time to get those stunning shots!

3. Reviews

What do their previous Brides and Grooms say about them? If they have plenty of experience then they should have lots of reviews raving about their work.

Ask to see them – a few of mine can be found on my review page above!

4. Consistency

The photographer you’ve found may have the perfect style you are looking for and some amazing shots on their website, but ask to see 2 or 3 full weddings they have shot, start to finish before you make any final decisions. Does their style flow through the whole gallery, you want a good range of stunning images throughout the day not just 1 or 2 that you may have seen on their website slideshow!

Remember Wedding photography isn’t just about a few stunning images but about your Love story you will want share and relive over and over. If you would like to see some of my weddings from Bridal Prep right through to the first dance and all the crazy action in between, please do ask and I will be happy to send you some links over.

5. Venue

It isn’t always necessary whether they’ve shot at your particular venue or not, however it is an added bonus if the photographer you are looking at has. You can see wedding shots they have taken there, and they will know where the best places and locations at the venue for some great shots are. If your venue recommends a photographer, don’t feel pressured into booking them just for this reason, have a look round first.

I’ve shot at lots of venues around the Manchester area and beyond and it’s nice knowing the venue before you get there – however I really do love going to new venues seeing what they offer and exploring with my couples prior to their big day so we can suss out area before hand. Plus I get to see why you choose such a stunning place to get married.

6. Backup

Do they have a plan if they are unwell or there there is an emergency and cannot make it? Ask the question! They should have a network of other Wedding Photographers in the area that they trust who would possibly be able to fill in for them. If they don’t, move on!

I know lots of people in the industry. So I do have a group of other professional Wedding Photographers I feel I could call on should I ever need to (touch wood, never missed a wedding yet!) who I would trust 100% to do us both proud. I’m also part of several groups on the old Faceybook around the North West for issues such as this. Its a great little community and the support we all show each other is amazing.

7. Trust

Meet with them before booking! Ask questions, go through their work and albums, how do they come across, did you click? Do you feel at ease with them? Do they answer all your questions with confidence? Make sure you feel happy that you can trust them to capture the biggest day of your life. When you’re having a chat with them you want it to feel relaxed, like chatting to a friend or someone you have known for years. Being relaxed with someone who makes you laugh will help for those natural photos and are you more likely to be up for more fun and creative photos.

I love to meet new people, I like to get to know you. I’ll talk you to death with my stories whilst finding out about you both and listening to the details of your day. I’ve never had a boring meeting yet!

8. Go with your Gut

If it feels right, you click and you love their work, they must be the one.

Done! You’re Wedding Photographer can be ticked off your list (and hopefully its me!).

Any questions or anything to add? Please drop me a message! And if you're looking for a North West wedding photographer have a look over at my gallery where you'll see my relaxed fun style!


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